Tibidabo Vintage

Ephemeral intervention in the public space of Barcelona and communication strategy to advertise the opening season of the Tibidabo Park in 2012, developed in the context of the Masters course on Design, Art and Public Space at ELISAVA 2011/2012.

An analysis of the conceptual essence of the park and therefore the target audience of the intervention was conducted – lovers of the vintage / retro theme and its manifestations in terms of aesthetics, technology, and lifestyle.

The strategy takes place in three distinct and interrelated actions:

1) The launch of a visual competition, inviting the public to send pictures or movies with a vintage aesthetic and / or thematics expressing the meaning of the iconic park Tibidabo for them;

2) Simultaneous events placed in the city center of Barcelona with places and activities related to vintage, inviting public participation through the designed artifact – an interactive jukebox – to check the visual results of the competition, as well as participate in dance competitions and music concerts, and

3) A night of open doors in the park of Tibidabo in its opening date of the summer season, presenting a retrospective of the events placed earlier in the city center and with new activities and entertainment for the public.

developped for
Tibidabo Parc
Ajuntament de Barcelona

By Marina Esmeraldo & Noèlia Asensi
From En Públic