Red sin Red

A guide for the citizens of the Gòtic Sur neighborhood in Barcelona, developed in the context of the Masters course on Design, Art and Public Space at ELISAVA 2011/2012 and promoted by the anthropologists Xavi Camino and Gaspar Maza.

Based on social criticism made ​​by neighbors, we found that, unlike other neighboring districts, the Gòtic suffers from a lack of social cohesion. We decided to promote an associative movement based on the study of the entities in the neighborhood (social, cultural, artistic, institutional, political, sports, NGOs, etc).

The aim of the study is to obtain an X-ray of associations in the Gòtic Sur today, in order to define and promote, along with the studied institutions and entities, the future neighborhood inner associations, joining forces and respecting the independence of associations and facilitating workspaces to promote joint planning and activities.

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developed for
Ajuntament de Barcelona

By Analí Rivas Goris
By Marina Esmeraldo & Noèlia Asensi
From En Públic