Reforma del claustro – Diputación de Lugo

The renovation of the cloister of the museum of Lugo considers both the uses sought and the social needs of the present building of the old monastery. The current design seeks to transform this virtually obsolete space into a place of business, a place of experience and relationships to go beyond the activity of the museum itself, assuming the role of flexible space that can house opening ceremonies, small concerts, lectures, conferences, etc …, while most of the time, the garden should maintain the current qualities of serenity and relaxation as it currently does.

We also pay particular attention to the reinterpretation of space and to the experimentation of the emotions within, as well as respecting and trying to redesign the existing symbols with a contemporary reading, proposing a space in which, unlike the previous configuration, invites visitation – a place to be lived in as well as a space to reflect in.

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developped for
Diputación de Lugo

By Núria Orriols i Caba, Erik Herrera Iturat
By Noèlia Asensi
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