Young Housing – Córdoba

Reading the urban environment in which the proposal exists we can understand that there are two realities in the longitudinal axis of the building: NORTH, we found a significant road element, a space of transit. The front façade will also be the most public, in direct relation to the cultural city of Miraflores and therefore the most representative and monumental. That is answered with a predominantly linear façade. SOUTH, a space of coexistence in relation to a low-density local residential fabric, where the façade seeks to integrate itself into its surroundings by fragmentation and adaptation into the surrounding area.

The proposal looks to reproduce the concept of the Andalusian patio, designing communal indoor spaces with a high value spaces in which the personal relationships within population prevail.

These spaces are sized and formalized so that they are not only places of passage, but places for meetings and relationships. Simultaneously, the street is introduced inside the building creating interior routes, guaranteeing activity. Half the ground floor is completely open and relates to the neighborhood, welcoming visitors and spatially recognizing the encounter between Miraflores and the C4 . The other half of the ground floor, more reserved and higher up, has a more residential and private character.

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By Núria Orriols i Caba, Erik Herrera Iturat
By Noèlia Asensi
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